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WA Free Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Getting Your Website Organized


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Today we are going to be getting our website ready for the prime time!

The first thing we are going to focus on is our framework/foundation. Without this, we are going to have a tough time building anything of significance and it will be hard to retain focus on the direction of your website.

So, today is website set up day and it is going to involve creating a little bit of content. See this video walk through of this entire lesson and everything that needs to be accomplished here.

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Task 1: Set-up Plugins

Your first task is going to be to set-up the plugins that come pre-installed with your website.

We are going to be activating the following plugins today:

(1) All in one SEO (activate and set-up)
(2) Exclude Pages from Navigation (simply activate)
(3) SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam (already set-up)

And then you will see some other plugins that we can ignore for now. The plugins that you don’t have to worry about installing just yet (ignore their error message):

(1) Akismet (used for stopping spam)
(2) Google Analytics (for website traffic and user metrics)

These are going to be installed as we need them and you will be walked through this in a later lesson.

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