Autoresponder Madness Reviews – Does It Worth Your Money?

Autoresponder Madness 3.0 Reviews


Product Name: Autoresponder Madness 3.0
Product Owner: Andre Chaperon
Advertised Price: $299
Rating: 90/100

What Is Autoresponder Madness

This system is a complete course on creating an effective email marketing campaign.   Co’owner Andre Chaperon, one of the most respected email marketing guru outlines some of the exact techniques and campaigns he has used over the years to demonstrate some very effective bigger picture concepts.

Most of this course is written, but there are some accompanying videos. None of the instruction is video format, but there are “extras” to emphasize certain points that Andre is making.

Who the program is good for?

Auto Responder Madness is ideal for anyone who has a product, has a large list, or wants to begin their online marketing journey focusing on list building and email marketing. I don’t recommend it for beginners though.

Before You Purchase…

This is one of the top course on email marketing, and does worth the titanic price tag of $300. However, I have several complains about the course which I cannot ignore Such as inflating the program so much with endless verbal nonsense about how awesome the product is.

It’s a bit of a turnoff, but as mentioned above, the end product is worth the cost. Three hundred dollars is not a cheap price, but when you get serious into internet marketing, that’s the price of high quality info from the pros.

The Good Thing

The main thing you need to understand is that the IDEAS contained within Autoresponder Madness unique, valuable, and they just plain work. Andre obviously knows what he is talking about.

Features from the product include:

  1. Creating a customer avatar (personal profile of your target customer)
  2. SOS (Soap Opera Sequence or story telling to hook customers)
  3. PLS (Product Launch Sequence for selling one-off products)
  4. Lots of insights into how a customer thinks
  5. Actual campaigns that Andre or his buddies have run

The one major takeaway to gain from the system is list segmentation, which I didn’t even know was possible. With other systems like Aweber Pro Tools you can actually divide your list into groups to create highly targeted lists. Which means you can promote hyper-targeted products to people that actually want them instead of just blasting out general offers and hoping that your email recipients wants what you’re marketing.

Just the sheer volume of content that is provided is enough to keep you busy reading for weeks. There are lists of things to do after each lesson, so it’s also an interactive course.

I know that as such a highly rated product I should probably have a longer list of more positive things to mention, but those concepts discussed above are pretty big enough. They are discussed at length within ARM, and you are given plenty of real-world examples of how they could fit into your campaigns.

The con Part

Unfortunately, there’s plenty to not like about Auto Responder Madness as well. My biggest complaint is the style ARM was written in. Basically, they have copied and pasted an email marketing campaign into a “members area”, placed in a couple of random vids, some cheap graphics, and called it a product.

I won’t be exaggerating if I say There were probably tens of thousands of words of content in there. Normally it’s not that bad. But they are all in the form of a guru-style email marketing campaign that I personally Blog against.

I fully understand that there need to be some examples of how to write a proper email, and a part of effective email marketing is writing in short bursts to keep people interested. Exaggerating, or having hooks is just part of the game.

Another problem…

Videos were another huge problem in my opinion. Some of the videos did not seem to have that much of relevancy to the content. Many were low quality and poor functionality.

Most of the videos seemed to be excerpts from other people’s speeches or videos, and NOT made by Andre Chaperon himself and the course could have been totally fine without the vids.

My last con feeling…

For a $300 product, I would have expected a better effort to edit ARM. The system is infested with numerous spelling errors and erroneously stylized text.

My final thoughts

Even though Autoresponder Madness scores extremely high in my books but still There were a few things that are annoying about the product, but at the end of the day you can still be happy with it and can generate serious money if you implement what you’re taught.

This is not your typical course for a beginner looking to get started online, but for someone that wants to get serious about making more money, start building a list or monetize an existing list, or is looking to learn more about email marketing you can’t afford to not get such program.

Additional Recommendations

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If I can be of any further help or if you’ve experienced this program and like to add more and help others make the right decisions please feel free to write all you have about this program below, I truly appreciate it.

And share if you think this review may help others make the right decisions.

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