Big Idea Mastermind – a Legit Program Or Brutal Scam

Big Idea Mastermind – Is Vick Strizheus Trying To Pull You Into The Empower Network Pyramid Scam From a Different Window?big idea mastermind

By Sam Ammouri

It begins back in 2009 with a man by the name of Vitaliy Strizheus.  He was convicted for insurance theft.  He served 90 days in prison and 5 years probation.

Big Idea Mastermind by Vick Strizheus, found at is an internet marketing training system with a few issues we must cover. One of the main issues deal with the creator of the program, which has several flaws itself.

Strizheus is a known and convicted criminal on fraud charges. If you still want to continue to do business with this man you do so at your own risk. The South Dakota attorneys who prosecuted him still contend he is a real con-man.

See the sentencing video below

Big Idea Mastermind is the next business venture created by Strizheus after High Traffic Academy and Global Success Club. As most multi-level marketing systems, Big Idea Mastermind is another ruthless MLM program designed to make the top people the lion’s share of the money.

Since many businesses like this one have been getting rejected by most solo ad sellers the main resource left is your subscriber list, and when you’ve exhausted that, it gets even worst.

Proud to scam others

Proud to scam others

Your invested money may never quite seems to recover your (return on investment). Big Idea Mastermind training for an unsustainable business model is not ideal, and it does raise a few ethical questions.

No doubt in my mind There is a bit of deception involved here. Big idea mastermind charge a $45 dollar fee to join, and then they tell you after joining that this is only a basic level admitting their training at this level is not very good.

They also tell you after joining that you may not make much money using the basic level training they offered as some fantastic way of making truckloads$$ with the program.

They also tell you that the need to upgrade to the $500 level – better yet – the $1000 level – or even the best of all the $3500 level is what will help you succeed.

I just can’t help it but wonder why they don’t tell you from the start that it may take a year or so to start making anything substantial with what Big Ideal Mastermind

This is what an honest person would tell you. Correct me if I’m wrong here.

Most rational business people would think twice before spending that much money & time without decent results. I will not recommend this product to anyone.

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Sam Ammouri

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