Binary Matrix Pro- Scam- legit- The Full Truth

The Full Truth About Binary Matrix Pro- Legit Or Scam?

Product Name: Binary Matrix Probinary matrix pro scam

Website url:

Product Owner: Raul Daniels

Price: $100 minimum deposit

Training: None

Support: None

Product Rating: 2 out of a 5 star rating

What is Binary Matrix Pro?

Before diving into the review of this program, let’s get some idea about what is it all about, and can you truly make money with it.

Binary options a term used when you bet on stock. If you think it could increase in price you bet up on it.  But if you think it’s not doing anything right now you can bet another way.

I just visited their website and the minute you step in a video starts playing automatically which you have no control over. This is always a red flag when you are researching different opportunities online. This act usually feed you a bunch of lies within a few minutes and the story only gets worst from there.

If you join you will create an account with Citrades, an online broker that they very obviously are affiliated with. So Every time someone signs up for an account and makes a minimum deposit of $100 with them they make a commission. This reminds me with a saw who cuts going both ways forward and backward.

Bets can be placed every 30, 60, and 120 seconds and if you bet the right way they say you can make $100’s of dollars within just a few minutes. I believe There sales pages are misleading and they ignored to mention the very important fact that you could lose thousands of dollars if you have zero experience regarding this very dangerous way of making a living, it’s money all they think of sadly.

Should you avoid this program, hold on a few more minutes, let’s find more.

Who’s Binary Matrix Pro’s Good For?

This program is supposedly suitable for anyone who is looking to make money online quick. If you have experience in buying stocks and have been involved in trading, then this may be good for you. The claims are that anyone can make $100’s within a few minutes that I personally find very misleading and real BS.

So, what happens when you join and what do you get?

binarry matrix pro scam

Once you join you’ll be downloading their software and setup your account. After you get in the back end of their website you need to watch another video and listen carefully to all the lies that I suspected all along.

Please watch these screenshots below very carefully

The first one is everything Raul promises that you will get once you sign up and download his free software.

Bonus 1


Bonus 2


Bonus 3


My problem with this is that Whenever you deal in binary options companies, there are lots of risk involved. They tell you that you will automatically have this bonus of $300 in signal credit added to your account once you join which is a big lie.

That very bonus is actually coming from Citrades and this is a routine practice that comes with all new accounts. So what kind of bonus are they talking about???

 For you to qualify for this bogus bonus you need to…

  1. Make a minimum deposit of at least $100
  2. Trade up to 30 times the value of your initial bonus, lovely bonus huh?

Now look at this script below for more understanding


The above means is that you need to multiply the $300 bonus by 30 which = $9,000. Which means you need to win $9,000 in successful trades to even qualify for this $300 bogus bonus.

Once you’ve complete all the requirements your bonus will be added to your initial $100 deposit.

How Does this sound to you? please write me what you think below and help me warn others of this program.

Looking for an honest way to make online living? See my #1 recommendation here!

The magic touch software that you are supposed to gain access to is supposed to scan the markets and tell you which stocks are the best ones to bet on and which ones are likely to go up. If this is true even president Obama would have left his job and joined Binary Matrix Pro program, because if this is true every one on this earth will become an instant millionaire once joining this program. And if this is true why the heck are they dying to dip their hands into your hard earned money.

There are many people who have lost money by doing this and this is something that Raul Does not seem to have any intentions of mentioning as you sign up.

In his video Raul says that you need to fund your account before you even get access to your software. Just a few minutes ago he said we wouldn’t need a credit card to join and we would gain instant access to everything above, was that right or I lost my mind!

Take a look at the following screenshots…


You’ll need $100 up front before you can even login to your system

Some warning signs for you to look out for

1. The Fake Verification

The owner goes out of his way to show you that his software is legit and verified. Let’s take a look at this and see if it really is verified using some respected systems out there.

For  (whois .net)  the name servers for both binaryverify .com and binarymatrix are the exact same.

See screenshot below…

WHOIS information for


Is there any doubt that both of these domains are being hosted on the same server?. This should be a red flag and should instantly tell you that this site isn’t verified at all, plus it should hint to you that Raul has registered both of these domains himself and he is hosting them on his own server.

2. The two domains were registered around the same time

Checking out the date of these domains registration and I found out both of them were registered less then 30 days of each other using the same email address and my personal advice to you in red is to stay away from this program.

Want to hear what some of those who came across this program has to say?

I Googled a few places for some feel on this program and did come across a few people who are pretty annoyed.

Many told of the fact that once you fund your account you may never hear from this company again. They take the money and deny you access to their secret software. If you try and contact them you’ll be told they never received your deposit.

Check out this below:

bin4 bin4


Those individuals above have shared their experience with this program on the warrior forum. A popular internet marketing site. This is one of the biggest scams running around now and is so sad to still see them doing business as usual ( ripping you off).

Are you sick & tired of this BS? Play it safe and see what I recommend for you

Let’s compare this program to Wealthy Affiliate the program that I’m currently using and see what direction each take…

My final thoughts and recommendation

The Binary Matrix Pro is very misleading, and full of empty promises that will simply take your money away. Getting into binary options trading is a really risky move and is never recommended, especially if you have no idea about trading.

There are much better ways to learn how to get started online and get better training on how to build a business on the internet. I just recommended to you an amazing training program that you can join for free, without the risks that are involved with binary options trading.

You will gain access to all the tools you need to get started making money on the web.sam ammouri

I truly hope this valuable review has helped you open your eyes and educated you enough to know who binary options trading is, and why you should completely avoid this program.

If you are one of the unfortunate people who has got suckered into this heatless scam and you would like to warn other people to stay away, I would love to hear from you about this below.

Yes, hare your experience here with me as it will help many others avoid this scam and save them lots of time and money.

Also, if you have enjoyed this review I recommend you share it with other people and let them know the truth about this scam.

Your friens


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