Bring The Fresh Scam Review

What Is Bring The Fresh? Is It Scam Or Legit?


Program Name:  Bring the Fresh
Website: (visit site)
Price: $7 trial, $89 for lifetime +  upsells/montoring in back office
Owners: Kelly Felix
Overall Rank: 70 of 100 points.bring the fresh money program

Bring the Fresh Program

In 2013, the founders of Bring the Fresh split up, leaving only Kelly Felix to run the operations over at Bring the Fresh (BTF).  This program has changed drastically over the past few years, changing from a membership to a one time payment (with some shady upsells)…and now it has turned into a one man show with Kelly Felix, the originator of the Rich Jerk product running the program.

Bring the fresh is a website building software plus it includes the training that you need to build a money making, at home business with or without experience.

The program software is supposed to be designed in such way that it does everything for you simply and quickly, plus, there are constant updates that prevent the information from growing stagnant and underperforming after a while. Most of these updates are timed to coincide with Google updates.

The most important components of Bring The Fresh are it’s “Fast Start Guide” & Forum.

The Fast Start Guide

The fast guide is a 70 page step-by- step guide which walks you through the process of making your first website and setting it up “correctly” for search engines to spot. Then it gets into details to make your site rank high on search engines.

Overall, it is a great SEO tips. But Nothing about PPC or Email marketing is discussed here… two of the most important elements of online marketing.

The forum

The forum is also a good place to get advice and help. I came across some ex members who said it would take up to days to get answers sometimes and in some cases never and one of the owners- Kelly Felix-  doesn’t often communicate with the forum community.

The BTF fast start guide and forum make up for about 50% of all the material you’ll get initially. And the remaining 50%? is for your wild guess… Empty promises I guess.

Who is Bring The Fresh for?bring the fresh money making program

BTF is a step by step, easy to follow website building coupled with expert advice and webinars that teach  affiliate marketing. Since there is a trial period and a money back guarantee,  it can be investigated by virtually anyone who is interested in it.

The BTF introductory videos claim that the program can be used by anyone at any age, even though it still takes some level of dedication and effort to be successful in my opinion.

A Couple of Bring The Fresh’s Most heinous Upsells:

1. Done for you websites

This upsell is a website that Kelly Felix claims he’ll make it for you and make it work while you do nothing. This costs anywhere from $500-$2,495 depending on which package you select. I’ve also heard good and bad news about this from those who got it.

The biggest catch here is that it’s never guaranteed. This is the case with Bring the Fresh. If it doesn’t work out, you’ve lost your underwear. So you ought to have your mind and senses working rationally when purchasing such booby traps from BTF.

2. Bring the Fresh backlinks

This service from bring the fresh can cost you a few hundred dollars a month. I was told by many ex members of BTF that their website were constantly slapped by Google. And that they never were able to get a refund until the disputed this fact with their CC companies.

There are more BTF upsells but the above two are the most heinous ones.

The BTF Tools and Training:

The training at “Bring The Fresh”  comes via webinars and expert advice with Bring the Fresh. There are several tools which starts with the software that builds your website ( hosting is not included) but there are several additional tools that are suggested for your success.

Such tools includes article creation and spinner tools as well as link builders. Tools that generate fresh traffic to your site are also suggested. Other additional tools are optional.

You gain automatic access to the Fresh Start Guide as soon as your membership enrollment process has been completed. This guide (in video format) gives you all of the information that you will need to get started with BTF.

BTF updates SEO information whenever Google makes updates. An additional bonus in the form of specialized keywords is also given to those who are starting the BTF SYSTEM.

Bring the Fresh- Support

Most Support at Bring the Fresh members comes from the website directly via the customer service page. Also, there is a forum that allows members to speak directly to one another about questions and concerns that they might have issues with.

The board at BTF is easy to follow with a title subject, the moderator, who has posted and how many replies for each. Members can find their posts answered by website owners directly as they do make frequent appearances within the community.

There is also a knowledge base that starts with FAQs but also allows for new or unique questions to be asked as well.

What Is The Cost Of Bring The Fresh?the fresh2

There is a one week trial period that costs $7 but there is an option for lifetime access that costs $37. There are also other upsell offers to join “private” or “exclusive” groups at an additional cost along with offers for paid products and services.

If you plunge for the $89 offer you are still going to need to buy “other” services that carry monthly expenses to get your business up and running. One of the main offers being that of “Project Profits” which is also owned by Kelly Felix and which will cost you another $200

You must have noticed by now that the $89 lifetime payment absolutely does not include access to the entire system.

The Cons & The Pros of Bring The Fresh

The Cons:

  1. The majority of the  information is presented via webinars which have been study proven to be less effective for certain types of people
  2. The uncertainty on whether your lifetime access will transfer to updated programs when they are re-released or if you have to buy into the new releases.
  3. Only a few of the necessary components of running an online business are included with your membership.
  4. No first hand warning about the upsells that are within this program.
  5. Bring the fresh does not allow free trials

The Pros:

  1. The step by step quality training.
  2. The One click steps to develop a functional and attractive website.
  3. Money back guarantee.
  4. Owners have a good track record in the online industry

What Is My Final Thoughts On Bring the Fresh?

Obviously,  this is a pretty good program which has been updated several times to make adjustments for changes in the affiliate and internet marketing world. There are a number of optional tools that can be added to your basic program which might be confusing for beginners and it will lead to additional expenses.

It is best in my opinion for those who are in unfamiliar territory to stick to the basics until they are more familiar with the waters.

I recommend that if you do join Bring the Fresh, to you stay away from the upsells especially those mentoring packages that are pushed in your mouth.

AS I mentioned above I  started to hear some complaints from many members that feel as though they are getting “ripped off” by Bring the Fresh because they start with $7 then comes the merciless upsells.

With all the negatives Bring The fresh is Not a bad base program but those very annoying upsells are yelling at me to give this program a lower ranking than I would without them.

Looking for better training, better tools, and a thriving community of help and support? Click here to find out how YOU can get started for FREE!

This is a comparison chart between wealthy Affiliate and Bring the fresh, I’ve been using wealthy affiliate very successfully since almost 2 years and nothing there is like these flaky blood sucking programs. Look at the chart below and I’m very positive you will spot the GOOD FROM THE BAD AND THE UGGLY when you see one.sam ammouri

if You have a story with bring the fresh to share with every body here please write it below in the comment box and help me help others avoid the danger of some nasty blood sucking programs out there.

If you need any further help with anything here please don’t hesitate to write your questions below.

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