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Choosing A Profitable Niche

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Does everyone find it like I do that the most confusing part about starting an online business is choosing the proper niche. Then I decided against it. Some people jump right in and know what they want – This article is not for to choose a niche online Many Others, including me, have trouble pinning down that single ‘passion’. In case you didn’t know, “passions” is a fuss of word that goes around niche marketing circles that basically means you should make a website about a topic you have the most interest in. The holes with that, is that enough people don’t feel passionately about anything. And even if they do it might not seem like something you could make money off. I didn’t have any passions. My hobby was going to the beach. Can you really make money from that? Unless may be you have a Pepsi filled cooler to sell. There’s a few things I’m going to cover in this post, and I hope by the end of it you will have a very good idea of what niche may grab your attention, and if not, which direction you may needs to go in order to get one. Now let’s cover…

  • What is a niche?
  • How can I write about something I’m not that interested in?
  • Is there a formula for a successful niche?
  • Can you make money in any niche?
  • Are someone’s passions really profitable?

What is a niche?

A niche is basically a section of the market that you will be targeting. If you want to make a website about coffee, that’s way too broad. There are tons of entrenched websites and highly skilled competitors that you’ll have to tackle. Let’s deal with that later. But a niche within that idea could be (coffee from Brazil), by doing so the market is smaller, its much more targeted, it even get better if you say coffee from south brazil, the narrower you squeeze the niche the better and more targeting it gets. Heck, you could even get more nichey. How about Arabian coffee? then from Yamen, then extra dark, large seeds, small seeds and so on… This is how you breakdown every broader market till you squeeze it to a tiny corner and then you move for the kill. Now that’s a cool niche. I want you to watch this video for more details.

Choosing Your Direction – It Starts With a Niche

Choosing Your Direction - It Starts With a Niche

Are someone’s passions really profitable?

Of course. You can make money with a site about pretty much anything. You MAY have to get a bit EXTRA creative with how you actually market products and services, but yes, hobbies, passions, interests can be very profitable. Do you have a passion for technology ? great. Your job is easy. Sell computers, phones, software…etc Are you a DIY type . Most people in this niche are looking to save some money. If you can save someone $500 by showing them how to build their own gadget, don’t you think they would buy a $30 guide from you? Are dogs your thing? imagine how many small niches can you squeeze off this very popular and hot market, you can sell dog hats and end up making a kill. there are thousands of small niches I can extract from the market (dogs) The bottom line, you can sell Sardine cans online, then pretty much any hobby can be monetized. Now watch this detailed video regarding this topic.

How To Find A Profitable Niche

How to Find a Profitable Niche

Can you make money in any niche?

You can make money in any niche. If you aren’t then you may be doing something wrong. I don’t meant to be discouraging! But Don’t blame the niche just yet. Look into the details of your campaigns and see what you can change. There IS a profit to be made somewhere, you just have to dig it out. But the question you need to ask yourself before you get started is just how profitable can your niche be? For example, I’ve seen a couple sites in the “ digital cameras” niche. How much can these things sell for? $30 to $500 for one? If you make a 6% commission from Amazon, that’s $1 to $30 per sale. And that means you have to sell hundreds of these EVERY MONTH to make a decent living. Now if instead you try the “big screen TV” niche, now we’re looking at $300 to $4000 A PIECE and repeat sales from customers that want to keep updated with the best. Large commissions and a potential for repeat customers makes this a much more profitable space to be in. Choosing a personal hobby is fine, but you should definitely consider the business side of things before diving in all the way. Here are some other things I would consider before going into a niche.

  1. How many sales per month equals a decent profit ( that fits your lifestyle)?
  2. Is there a chance to branch off into related niches easily?
  3. Is this thing I chose other people are passionate about, or is it just a ‘niche thing.

How can I write about something I don’t care about?

legitimate training programs will have you focus on something you care about for your first site. They do not have you focus on money at all, because flashing dollar signs in your eyes can be your worst enemy as a beginner. But if you’re looking to really commit to a website, you absolutely have to at least consider the monetary side of things. This can be a real challenge, especially if this is your first website for profit. If you ever reach the point of getting stressed, calm down. Do a website on a personal interest, and you can always flip it later on. May be now you are starting to see the bigger picture here and see the advantage of choosing a topic with good profit potential that you are not passionate about (but wouldn’t mind writing about). Hey, if you’re making money, anything can be interesting. I wrote about digital cameras for 2 years. I never have a digital camera passion! (yes, that’s a real thing!). Writing about things I don’t know much about can present a real challenge to beginner’s niche marketers, but it is possible, and might be the key to your business. Please consider these things before jumping into something.

  • Is there a need in the market that no other website cover?
  • Is the audience hungry for the information?
  • Is this a topics you could comfortably write a quite few topics about?
  • Are you interested enough to become that topic’s expert?

Never take this as a recommendation to build a website based on projected profitability instead of personal passion. I’m only trying to project the bigger picture to you so that you can make a better, and more informed decision from the start.

Is there a formula for successful niches?

Sadly, there is no such thing as a formula for success. Also considering that everyone’s idea of ‘success’ is different, this is going to have to be your own personal decision. I mentioned in the beginning of my post that my passion was the beaches . But I wasn’t able to effectively monetize that, but by insisting, I bumped into another industry that I was able to successfully promote and bring my business to big profitability and. The beach thing did not do anything! I built a successful business in a market wasn’t in love with. I did my share of research, learn, and eventually become knowledgeable in the niche, and still run that site to this day. At the same time, I couldn’t have done it without starting out on a site about a niche I cared about. I hope I did not leave you guys without a clear vision here, but hopefully these stories and suggestions will spark some ideas in your own minds about your next precise step.

Is Your Niche A Profitable One?

YES. If you are interested in something, chances, there are hundreds of other people that are interested in the same subject. It is going to take time and training to figure how to search engine position your website so that those people can actually find it, but the profit potential is absolutely there. Many foloks are most curious about what niches I make my websites about… I don’t sam ammouriadvertise this heavily because I know some will try to reverse engineer the websites, but click here to see one of them. Have a niche in mind? Want to check with me to see if it’s a good one? Please Leave a comment below. Your friend Sam You may also want to read… The keys for your online niche success

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