Empower Network Review Scam

Empower Network Is It Scam- Legit?


Name:  Empower Network

Website:  www.empowernetwork.com

Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe

owner empower network

David Wood


$25/monthly basic

$1000/monthly inner circle,

$19 monthly fees to get paid

$500 Costa Rica Intensive

$1,000 15K Formula

$3,500 Master’s Retreat

Overall Rank: 40 out of 100 points

This MLM network and the so called (Empower Network) made so much fuss among millions of online prospers divided between Pros & cons over what to make of it since almost a decade.

While there have been some lucky ones who actually made some money with this system, the majority of those who joined almost lost their underwear, and that by itself pops the million dollar question again… Who’s fault is it the system or you in general.

There are tons of factors to consider when trying to pinpoint such facts and the best evaluating factor is the percentage of those who succeed against those who fail then again compare these findings with other systems out there, then, I would apply my own algorithm system and base my findings on actual mathematical statistics and facts instead of unrealistic emotional findings.

You cannot just degrade a whole entire system and then call it a scam simply because it did not work for you and you lost a few bucks in the process. You have to realistically look at facts, news, other people comments, the number of successes with that system vs failures and many other facts to finally label that system with… A (LEGIT)  OR  (SCAM)

I won’t be giving you rubbish or worthless information about any system or person that is based on pure speculations and emotional backlashes.  But Before I start with my sincere Review of Empower Network I would like to tell you that I have no affiliation or even ever dealt with this network before,  neither do I have any future intentions of doing so.

Let’s get rolling…

Who is Empower Network And What Are They all about? 

Empower Network (EN) has been often times confused as being legitimate online opportunity because of the relentless marketing taking place by the people innocently pushing the product.

This network is an online MLM marketing system … supposedly enable their members to make hefty amounts of online money without experiencing the most common challenges and problems that most other people go through when they start an online home based business.

E.N. provide marketing training, information products and digital services SUCH AS a blogging platform called the Blog Beast. The affiliate program pays hefty commissions that allow you to make a substantial online income.


  1. The basic membership is $25 a month and this entitles you to a blogging site.
  2. A $19.95 monthly fee required if you wish to become an affiliate and promote EN products for commission.
  3. A whopping $100  monthly if you decide to join their inner circle, more fees will be added for the so called drastic success.
  4. A bright side in there is no need for you to sign up for an autoresponder service to manage emails and communication with your prospects.

Membership Levels Of Empower Network

The Empower Network has several different levels of membership to choose from. For each level purchased, you will earn a commission that corresponds with the specific level of training purchased. If you don’t purchase the level, you will not earn commissions when your referrals buy it.     

The  Blogging Platform – $25 monthly 

This is the first level is the basic membership that provides you with the Empower Network blogging platform, (Blog beast).

This enables you to the access of the fast training and core checklist. It also contains the principles of building an online business. you’ll also have the access to the back office tools, capture page systems and the so called Monday night Empower hour. It is required to purchase this level to be able to access higher levels.

The EN Inner Circle Membership – $100 monthly

This kind of membership level at EN grants you access to a library of audio’s that contains information about the Empower Network founders, team leaders and privileged  members.

You are allowed to sell this level if you decide so and earn commissions from it when someone joins under you.

The Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive membership – One Time Payment of $500

This is all about a video series based on a private a few day retreat which was held around David Wood’s mountain home in Costa Rica. The videos cover most of the concepts that empower networkchange the way to approach your online leads or audience along with some advanced marketing insight and brainstorming.

The 15K Formula A Payment of $995

This level is very focused on technical training and teaching members the up to date tricks of marketing online. Such training focuses on sophisticated ways to get targeted leads and grow your online business in a long-term outlook.

Masters Retreat – A payment of $3,500

This EN level consists of about 39 individual trainings and includes a workbook that enable members to learn while they earn.
But never forget that you need to purchase all the levels that you wish to promote with Empower Network.

Let’s explain it a little more, if you purchase the $25 blogging platform, you can only receive commissions from that level. When someone signs up under you and purchase higher levels you Will Not receive the commission unless you’ve purchased that next level.

Hope this insight has given you all you need about the basic setup and fees of En network, now let’s get to the reason why you landed here in the first place…

Is Empower Network a scam or legit?

Not a scam even though I’d never join them for ethical reasons of which I think they have none.  They do not take money from members without consent or fail to pay them their  commissions .

However, the program is am MLM which is at the very borderline of schemes because once you join you, your upline and downline there are repeatedly recruiting others to the Empower Network membership without any substantial product. I do personally believe they are based in Costa Rica to escape any possible prosecutions.


You Get your own empowernetwork.com blog

The cons:

  1. The support is drying,  EN has grown bigger within the last 4 years and some groups got bigger and beyond support control, and As an affiliate marketer, it is so important to keeping trust and communication at best, this is the fine line between failure and success.
  2. How about The Blog – It is not what most expected.  You have limited control over it, there are few templates to choose from with no options for additional plugins or more personal control.
  3. EN elite members are known for being mannerless, ruthless and unethical – Numerous times when I heard that they call the new members unethical names and showed complete disrespect. The are now banned from a few known social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, and others.
  4. You have to pay to get paid – Even though I never was a member to experience this, but I stumbled upon many articles and reviews who emphasize such fact. This is really unheard of.
  5. No Actual product to sell – So you might wonder what they sell and what will you have to sell?
  6. Very annoying and endless up-sells- In many cases what they try to sell you is an utter nonsense.
  7. You may have to purchase the entire system to make money if any at all!  Since you only cash in commissions in the levels that you only purchase, it seems like unless you spend over $5000 you’ll get no where but with a few bread crumbs.
  8. Continuous  stream of complaints – This is what happen when you let you encourage your members to become like loose  bull dogs to spam every human, social media, friend and family member on earth.
  9. Ranking Blogs – This may have been the case A few years back but not anymore.
  10. No Free trial – Did you ever go to a car dealership looking for a car and just handed them the money and drove off with your new car? “I hope not!”. this in not the case at Empower Network.

The bitter truth

No doubt the Empower Network became one of the most famous products, and I am sure that most of you would be familiar with the name by now, therefore it would take some added skills to promote them successfully.

From experience, I know that By promoting products that are well spread over the internet, you enter a highly competitive market and you will have to double if not triple your efforts to gain success and make some income.

Those advanced marketers promoting Empower Network will clearly have a better shot at this than those who are new, for they already adopted the skills and tactics to sell a highly priced product successfully.

The sweet truth

There are quite enough programs out there that cost less with better value.   Currently there is a competitive market for new entrepreneurs towards internet marketing who desperately want to make money online and they could have came in no better time.

The economy is LOW and most of those with the dreams to  starting their own online business do not have that much to invest for a starter. I would always try my very best to point those with online dreams and who lack the starter cash into directions that does not require a huge investment or better yet, offers a free start or even no money at all!

Empower Network suffered setbacks on the social side and Facebook had banned direct linking mainly because of the huge amount of members that are spamming or promoting the program in an unethical way.

With all the odds It is possible with hard work and dedication to succeed with EN, But it will take some time and earnings will not be immediate. The success rate is very low and only a small percentage of members earn a substantial amount each month.

What do I need to make money  with Empower Network?

  • Be ruthless and unethical
  • A website with 1000 minimal daily visits
  • An expensive fresh list for email marketing
  • A huge base Social followings to establish trust and relationships
  • When the stream of bad news stop from pouring out of EN at daily basis

Found You A Few (of the many) Empower Network Complaints…

Complaint #1: Empower Network – A Not So Favorable Review
Complaint #2: Empower Network Review…Scratch That…WARNING!
Bullying Complaint #3: Empower Network Bullies!

Final Thoughts and recap

Name:  Empower Network
$25/mth basic, $100/mth inner circle, $19.99/mth e-wallet, $500 Costa Rica Intensive, $1,000 $15K formula
David Wood & David Sharpe
Overall Rank: 40
out of 100

I truly can never recommend a program that has more negative news than positive. Wherever I’ve turned my face I got slapped with more bad news coming from empower network in addition to the fact that… There is No product, pyramid-style scheme, VERY expensive, no support, Therefore,  I personally do not recommend such program and that you stay away from it

making money online is not as difficult as it might seem sometimes, yes, neither it is as easy, but surely there is a workable solution and a tactic that will overcome the impossible.

See my review of Wealthy Affiliate compared with Empower network and decide for yourself the path that you should take.

sam ammouri

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