How Can I Start Making Money Online ?

The Elusive Question of Can I Make Money Online?

Nowadays the question that is repeated the most is, how can I start making money online? The answer can bring on many scams, except for Wealthy Affiliate … Is the only exception in an ocean of online scamscan i make money online

I am positive that many of you who are reading this article are already members of Wealthy Affiliate here in 2015. And if you are reading this and you are not a member at WA yet, you will not find a better place to be for learning the proper way to build an online business of your selected passion.

10 long years of online success

Wealthy Affiliate is currently in its 10th year of business, steadily growing every year with new members all with the same goal in mind, to learn, apply, build, and succeed at making money online in their own businesses. Distance away from all of the online work from home scams, WA does not offer their “turn-key” system but rather a training program that empowers YOU to build your own online passion (niche).

Kyle & Carson- Wealth Affiliate CEO

It was September 10, 2005, when Co-Founders Carson and Kyle seen above, started their online venture and Wealthy Affiliate was born. The place of a thriving community where we can all learn how to properly grow and operate any kind of internet marketing business in any niche of our choice. To see how things have changed, read Kyle’s blog from last September on the 9th anniversary below.

Even though I hate to bring an entire article to this site fearing Google’s duplicate content rules but this article from Kyle the owner really moved me and I decided instead of giving you a link to read it at WA. Here is what he wrote 9 years later.

9 years later…

Whew, what a journey it has been.

Precisely 9 years ago, we went “Live”. September 10, 2005 was the day Carson and I launched our little project, The publish button was clicked, and we were off.

A simple “keyword list” site, that is what wealthy affiliate was. Nothing more, nothing less. Carson and I had a good deal of success (primarily in the PPC world) and we know that all roads of success lead back to an understanding of keywords.

wealthy affiliate make money online

We decided that $29.99 per month ($359.98 per year) would be a fair price for our monthly membership site and we initially were going to offer it to a certain number of people depending on how many keyword lists we were producing.

So, our brilliant idea was to create quality lists of keywords and to show people how to use them to create a successful business online. With a little apprehension and a little excitement, we were off!

It all started with ONE member.

To grow a flourishing tree or a forest, you first need to have a single seed planted. Not only that, you need to nurture that seed.

WA had to start with this initial seed. We welcomed the very first member into the community on September 11th, a day after our launch. Although we had a lot of success independently (this was mine and Carson’s first project together), this was pretty exciting. $29.99. The very first sale of our business and the potential that this one member could potentially be with us for several months. This particular member stuck around as a member for 6 YEARS!

As new members started joining, they began to request things like personal support, a way to communicate with others, an affiliate program, keyword tools, writing tools, websites, hosting, more training, easier ways to learn…amongst literally 1,000’s of requests for improvement over the years.

We took that feedback and we built. We built WA not out of self interest or money, rather we built it based on what our users wanted. What our users demanded. And sometimes what we knew our users need without them having to request it at all.

**If you haven’t experienced any success yet, this should validate what YOU can achieve. We once had ZERO members here at WA and it was a good deal of effort to get people to trust us. But it happened, and it happened over time and with hard work.

It has NOT only been a smooth journey…

To those that think that a path to any sort of success is predictable, I am here to tell you that it isn’t. Creating something of significance is tough.

We have validated this many times over the years and discovered truly what work ethic is when you work for yourself. We grinded our way through difficult times in our lives, through the company structuring, through tough hiring processes, and a lot of personal growing up has happened over the years in terms of our ability to approach problems with effective solutions.

We thought we knew it all. BUT we were 24. Although we have remained humble about any successes and honest about any failures over the years, there is nothing more humbling than looking back at the journey of the last 9 years here at Wealthy Affiliate.

We have learned a lot, yet we are just getting started.

One thing that most folks don’t realize is that we are constantly making mistakes. Yes, we do get things “right” a lot of the time, but projects quite often go back and forth 100’s of times before they make it to you…and sometimes they get “canned” altogether.

Look at just a few of the “face” changes that WA has gone through over the years…

wealthy affilate make money online

Our focus is to humanize the process of building a business online. We do this through technology, through communication, and through platforms of support. This is a huge learning process for us, one that has lead to many revelations over the years.

The most important thing has been our journey into learning what YOU need and this continues to evolve. This is an ongoing learning curve as your needs are always evolving as well. In order for us to provide you with an unbelievable experience, we need to believe that there is “always more” that we can achieve.

There is much more that we can do to offer a better service. A lot more. That is what excites us and motivates us to wake up every morning with the same excitement and passion we had on September 10th, 2005.

Nothing is ever perfect. If you strive for perfection, which is impossible, you will always have something to work towards. There is always room for improvement within every aspect of the Wealthy Affiliate community. We “get” that, and this drives us to learn more and become better with each day that passes.

We owe our success to you…

Without you, we don’t exist.

The only focus we have in the upcoming 18 months (which we have already slated our for some awesome projects) is YOU and how to make the WA experience a better one for you.

This means a focus on improving absolutely every aspect of the platform here at WA, from the way we communicate, the way we build websites, the way we learn, to the way that we are able to get help and help one another.

Some of the major focuses in the year ahead…

  1. More concise and interactive training.
  2. More timely, and more specific support.
  3. More powerful and intuitive website/hosting platform.
  4. More advanced, forward thinking and powerful technology.
  5. More ways for YOU to succeed.

These are not specific and there is a reason for this. There are going to be 100’s of updates coming your way in the next year.

Some very subtle and not obvious, yet very meaningful in their own right. Some are going to be worthy of a launch, the first major one coming in early November of this year.

Thank YOU!

Yes, thank you. Thank you for being part of this journey. Thank you for telling us when we are good, but more so, thank you for telling us how or where we can improve. The last 9 years have been an amazing ride and we can’t wait for the next 9.

Your experience as a user, as a respected member, and as a friend is our #1 priority. Please remember that because it is only going to be more apparent than ever this year.

The end Of Kyle’s article.

Back now….

May be you already have noticed that all of the other so-called work from home opportunities only offer you a narrow approach to make money, and do not give you the flexibility nor the supportive community that many members , free or premium  enjoy here at WA. I know personally, if I had found WA two years sooner than I did, I would have been in Las Vegas last month flocking with it’s super affiliates plus Kyle and Carson (owners)


acheiving your online goals

If you are just starting here at Wealthy Affiliate or you are reading this from a search engine search and you are wondering, how can I start making money online, then look no further than WA because the goal of everyone here is to succeed…and many of us are doing just so.

All the tools you need to succeed is here all in one place. The only thing missing is you and your personal drive and ambition to make things happen. When you think about all of those online scams that promise you the furthest star in the universe and charge you unbearable membership fees, the $47 per month premium that WA charges is a drop in the bucket compared to everything that is offered. WA also has a heart for those less fortunate and has a free start membership and tons of free training and support.

So if your goal is to succeed in making money from home or anywhere that has an internet connection,  then all you need to add to your Wealthy Affiliate membership is your desire to reach your own goal. sam ammouri

Success is not a destination, it is a journey. Between the training, resources, tools, and community support, the only thing left behind is your well & desire. Do you have it in you to run after your dreams and succeed?

Your Friend


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