How To Get Free Traffic For My website

The Dilemma Of Getting Enough Free Traffic To Your Website!

Whenever you decide to start a website one of the hardest things to do is trying to find ways to get traffic to it. I am going to show you how to get free traffic to your website, How To Get Free Traffic To Your Websitealong with a few other things. When I first started out doing this I had a terrible time getting any traffic at all. Now that I know how to do this I am going to share this information with you guys. Are you guys ready?

Here’s how I get loads of free traffic everyday

There are many ways that you can accomplish this and I am going to show you a couple of ways that I do it. I will also be sharing the tool that I use with you. Along with helping you out on how to use it for yourself to get loads of traffic to your website. There are millions of people online everyday searching for something. As a website owner, it is your job to find out what these people are searching for and give it to them. But Scott how am I supposed to find out what these people are searching for? I’m so glad you asked that question and I am going to show you a few ways that you can gain some insights into these potential customers.

How you can get Google to tell you what people are searching for

1. Applying Google Instant

how to bring free trafic to your site Are there any of you who aren’t using Google instant? If yes then you are missing out on lots of traffic. What is Google instant? Whenever you type something into Google search box you instantly notice a drop down of related keywords to what you are searching for, that’s where the instant name came from. The further you type the more targeted and squeezed results you will see. Check out the screenshot above for more clarity. The keywords that appear closer to the top are the ones that people are actively searching for. Now let me show you another way to dig deeper into what people are searching for and use this technique for any niche that you choose.

2. The Alphabet soup technique

Most web pros love this method of finding keywords. If you type your main whole first word then go through the alphabets you will see that there is a vast amount of keywords that are being searched for daily. This method is very similar to the one you saw above but it goes into more detail on what people are looking for. See screenshot below carb As you see when I typed in the letter b it gave me the top 4 keywords that people are searching for in Google that’s related to car products. The most popular searches are listed at the top. Lets keep going with the alphabets and see what else people are actively searching for in the car niche. car3 This is grate today! We’ve just found 8 keywords that we could write about in the car niche. I hope all of you are starting to get the idea of how powerful this thing is. How about one more example of this and see what else people are searching for when it comes to Cars related products. card If you are interested in cars products and have a website that sells cars parts and accessories, then you could cash in on all this free traffic by using this blueprint. This also works by going through the alphabet before the search term and placing it before it.

Now that you know what people are searching for what do you do next?

The next step that I am going to do is take these keywords that I found in Google and plug them into My keywords tool JAXXY . This unique tool is my real favorite keyword search machine that I have been using for over a year now. I would highly recommend it to anyone who runs a website and want that site to really get ranked and make money. look how easy it is with this tool, it gives you a green light for the good and other colors like red and yellow for lower quality keywords or keywords that are very highly competitive. car5 The keyword of 989 searches and 124 (QSR)  is a very good keyword that gets lots of searches a month. If you were to get ranked on the first page of Google under this particular keyword you would be looking to get so much traffic to your site writing just one article under this keyword. It’s getting exciting huh? what do you think? let me know below. If it weren’t for Jaaxy I would have never knew this. Now that I have showed you the process I follow, It’s your turn. Using the search box below type in your keywords into JAXXY and see how this unique tool can help your site. Your Friend Sam

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