Leveraging Content From Wealthy Affiliate On your Site- Lesson (9)

WA Free Affiliate Bootcamp – Leveraging Content From Wealthy Affiliate On your Site



Wealthy Affiliate is not only the focal product you are going to be promoting on your site, but it is the home of an unbelievable amount of blog posts, training resources, discussions and videos that can be leveraged on your website.

Did You Know…

Everything at Wealthy Affiliate can be shared and you can earn credit for it. If you have been following through the task you will know this by now as you should be sharing content regularly. Sharing leads to referrals…which lead to money in your pocket.

For example, you could share any of my content on your website. Say you have a page on “how to build a website fast”, you could go to the Websites Classroom and leverage any of the training modules in there.

affiliate free training

Watch this video for very specific details at WA

affiliate video training

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I will be checking on you to see your progress and in case you need any extra help in addition to the help you’ll be getting from thousands of loyal good hearted members who want nothing from you other than your ultimate success.

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