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Do You Have A scam Of your Own To Report

Have you been a victim of a scam?

If you’d like me to do a review on a particular product that you have been “ripped off” by?  Simply leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to do a review for a scam

If you want me to conduct a particular review, please leave a comment below with the these details:

(1) Name of product you purchased
(2) Price you paid for the product
(3) Reasons you think it was a scam
(4) Website webs address

If I find that particular product of more negative than positive news, and find many complains about it not just you, I will absolutely perform a negative review and warn others of this product.

Upon leaving your comment below, I will meticulously go through your and their information, then personally email you when I have done the review.

As always I thank you for providing me with your feedback and taking part in my venture to keep the Internet safe, scam free and to help others avoid the “vultures” out there!

Here are some of my latest product/service reviews… and tons more will be coming soon.

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