The Banners Broker Ponzi Scam – The Truth Revealed

One Of The Filthiest Scams I’ve Ever Came Across

All my suspensions of The Banners Broker Program finally came true. look at the screenshot below. Now just wonder what did the poor folks who lost everything with this vicious scammy program do,  and hope they won’t jump into another one of those again.

the banner broker scam

Program Name: Banners Broker

Company website:

Site status- shut down for now

Price : Unknown $ variable depending on which ad group you subscribe to.

Program Owner: Chris Smith

Training provided:  Zero

Help and support: Zero

Program rating: 0 out of a 5 star

So, what is The Banner Broker & why should you avoid this Ponzi scheme?

The Banner Broker SUPPOSEDLY is a program created to help website owners and people who run an online business get traffic to their website through targeted paid ads.

Basically you’ll be buying traffic and impressions and displaying it on your website. You will get paid for every impression you get. I found this to be not only a scam, but the biggest insult to anyone who knows even a tiny bet about website traffic and impressions. If your getting confused about how this program works don’t feel bad. I found it pretty confusing too.

Who is this program for?

This is suppose to be for Anyone who is looking to grow their online business and earn revenue from ads placed on your website. If you are looking to find an advertising program and would like to get additional traffic to your site I don’t advise you this program under no circumstances for the many reasons I’ll mention in this review.

Is there any tools or training?

There is no training what so ever since they claim that any average person can do this with little to know experience. I don’t agree with this (BS) Since I found this to be the most confusing program I’ve ever ran across, so what the heck are they talking about!

Let’s look at some of the requirements:

  1. You have to decide how much traffic you are going to need and you buy these in what’s called traffic hits.
  2. The packages offered are color coded and you need to reach at least 5000 traffic hits before you can move up to the next level.
  3. You can only join by another person referring you
  4. Also you are welcomed to promote this scam if you want to rip other people off, this will earn you traffic hits that can be used to go up to the next level.

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Help and Support If Any at all!

There is what’s called a help page listed under the support tab. You can contact the team by filling out a contact form using your email address. If you are one of the many who sent emails asking for help then you must have noticed that it came back as an invalid address. Another red flag in a program that is already Riddled with red flags.

If you are an affiliate there Contacting them for help and support will do you no good either. They either won’t respond to you at all, or it will take them a week to do so just to shake you off.

The pros & cons:argue


  • your websites IS advertised on their VAST network
  • You only spend on the amount of traffic you need


  • The Banner Broker is nothing but Ponzi scheme
  • The program has multiple complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau.
  • The inability to obtain a merchant account with reputable companies like Paypal.  red flag
  • You can only join when referred by someone else
  • No free trial
  • No training… no help… no support.
  • Many reports indicated that they haven’t made any payouts since 2012
  • Not recommended for beginners.
  • The globally known Giant (Master card) has withdrew their services from them after hinting it as a pyramid scheme.

What kind of packages did Banner Broker offer?

1.  Advertiser Package- 

You are given a 1,000 free impressions to get started. After you specify how and where you want your ads to appear. Yourbanner broker scam 2 website will be advertised on their network according to your recommendations.

2.  Publisher Package- 

picking this option means you’ll be displaying their ads on your website. You earn revenue from each impression you get. If you are an ethical person then I want you to know that by advertising their adds on your site equals promoting scams right on your website.

3.  Ad Publisher combo package- 

With taking this option you will have the chance to earn revenue from advertising, as well as having your website advertised on the many websites in their network. But with a scammy program like this one,  you’ll be opening 2 bleeding wounds instead of 2 ways to earn more revenue.

Does Banners Broker pay their own affiliates?

There have been numerous reports and complaints that Banner Broker have not been paying their affiliates and people are very upset here to the point where they created a Facebook page called… The Banners Broker Ponzi Scam.

The page currently has 13, 273 likes with this number growing daily. Such a large number of people can’t be all wrong.

400,000 affiliates and none of them have been paid. What do you think, this program is  SCAM OR LEGIT?

banner broker scam

What is a Ponzi scam?

Ponzi Pyramid scheme

A Ponzi scam is fraudulent investment which pays it’s investors returns on their own money, or the money paid by subsequent investors. Instead of paying them from the real profit earned from the organization itself as this would be the case if you invest with legit companies.

Banners Broker- The cost to join

You remember we talked about how confusing this program is, well, This is where it really gets confusing and very expensive, depending on what package you decide to pick.

Starting out with the basic business package will cost you $145,  but you will also have to purchase 14 more packages if you want to level up. This will end up costing you around $345 total and won’t stop here either.

Look at the screenshot below.

banner broker scam

There is also the advertiser/publisher packages that you can buy. The prices here are just outright ridiculous and they can get as expensive as $12,000. I hope that nobody would even think about spending that much money on a scheme like this. I could buy a nice car with this money,  or down the drain in this program.

I would highly advise you to stay as far away from this ripoff madness. If you are interested in doing some paid advertising you can apply for Google Ad words and Ad sense. No one is going to rip you off here.

My Final thoughts On This Ponzi Scam

For sure Banner Broker has got to be one of the biggest Ponzi’s that I have ever wrote about. It is not open to the public and you need a referring member to get in.

There is NO training, help or support when you need it. The email that they have listed on their support page will come back to you as an invalid address.

The program is so complex and has so many different levels to it that I don’t see how anyone can figure it out. There are close to half a million affiliates that are still waiting to be paid. Some of them haven’t been paid out since 2012.

If you are seeking to invest your money into something that is going to grow then this is definitely not the place to be.

If you are looking to get lots of targeted traffic and learn all you can about getting traffic and paid advertising. I’m afraid that you are going to be disappointed because this program is not what it is all about.

If you were looking to get an online business up and running and learn how the process of earning money online works. I’m afraid that this program is not going to deliver.

There are legitimate programs out there that teaches you how to do this and you can get started for Free. If you have been a victim of this Ponzi scheme I would love to hear about your experience with them.

Also if you are one of the 400,000 affiliates out there that still hasn’t been paid I would love to hear about your experience as well, let’s help as many others as we can avoid this heartless scam.

At a lovely New York Park

At a lovely New York Park

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