The Clickbank University Review

What Is Clickbank University And Can You Really Make Money With This Program?


Program: Clickbank University

Sales Page URL:

Owners: Matt Hulett, Justin Atlan Adam, Horwitzclickbank university

Program Price – $47 Monthly or $797 per year.

Program Upsells – $297 yearly Website- builder.

$97 Advanced Master Class

Training Available – Yes

Support: Weak

Overall Rank: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Let’s First Define Clickbank University

By this time I’m sure that many of you heard of Clickbank university program started in early 2014 by Justin and Adam from Clickbank. Only 3 months ago I received an email from Clickbank that contains a small message and link to a video inviting me to join Clickbank university. See part of this email below

email from clickmank

As usual and before going into anything and purchasing any and for personal curiosity I went online searching for more information about the program and in the process found many of the pros & cons.

Today and with all the information collected through my research,  I decided to make a review of the Clickbank university program hoping in doing so to give you the clearest picture on weather this program is good for you or not.

What is click bank university (CBU)?

Clickbank university or CBU is a training center where you can learn how to create your own digital product and how to market it to your targeted audience successfully. There’s also training on how to sell other people’s product through Affiliate Marketing.

How Do I Make Money With This?

You can make money with this program by learning how to create your own digital product and market it successfully run in the clickbank marketing systems.

Who Is The Audience Of The CBU Program?

This program is designed for anyone who’s looking to be successful with ClickBank making their own digital products or marketing the digital products already available to clickbank . This program open the way for new ideas and insights you can leverage to redigest old and new information into a successful clickbank affiliate.

The bright side of this program

  • It came from the most successful affiliate marketing platform on earth- (Clickbank).
  • The deep training on how to create your own digital products And on how to get other people to sell your product for you and make you more money
  • The user-friendly methods of training especially for the newbies
  • The website builder is point and click, and drag and drop based which I found easy to use.
  • Their 60-day money back guarantee
  • Their Live weekly webinars where you can get all your questions answered.

The Negatives Of The Program

  • No free trail offer
  • There is a significant amount of upsells
  • The Locked training modules. You only have access to 1 set of training modules per week therefore, making it hard for you to work at your own pace.
  • The forced sale Trick… You need a premier account, and that is a Yearly membership in order for you to unlock all of the training in the members area
  • The support is too weak in my opinion
  • The program lacks the required tools you need to get started. It has to be purchased separately- another upsell.

Does The Training They Have Worth Your Money?

If you have a peek inside the training section, you’ll notice that There’s a video that goes along with each lesson. The bright side of this idea is that no matter what comfortable  way you learn best is available in the training.

You will find training on how to create your own digital product and how to sell it in the Clickbank marketplace. This is an 8-week course that is limited to one course a week.

The negative side of such controlled training is that If you made your way through it in lessor time you still have to wait for the other courses that will naturally arrive in later time.

What are you going to learn?

  1. Week one- Ideas of how to create your first product
  2. Week two- Packaging your product- getting your product ready for sale to the public.
  3. Week three- upsells and sales pages- This teaches you how to create your own sales pages along with creating your own upsells.
  4. Week four- This teaches you How to convert your visitors into buyers by  writing high-quality content and in the process turning your traffic into sales.
  5. Week five- Product pricing & sales funnels- At this point you’ll be learning how to create sales funnels as well as setting prices for your products.
  6. Week six-  At this level you’ll be learning how to get started in email marketing and how to build your first email list.
  7. Week seven- This training level teaches you how to get approved for a variety of different marketing channels and ways on how to grow your business.
  8. Week eight-  In this training level,  you gain access to another platform you can use to sell your products.

There is also an advanced section of their training, there you’ll be introduced to more advanced ways to get traffic to your products and them to convert at a higher rate.

Some of the addressed elements…

  • How to take advantage of social media in building traffic
  • (PPC)- pay per click ( must be careful with this option)
  • SEO.  Search Engine Optimization
  • How to use Joint ventures as another source of traffic
  • Keller money making strategies that are used by the top sellers in clickbank systems.

Clickbank Affiliate program:

I’m myself a clickbank affiliate and The affiliate section there is ideal for anyone who’s not ready to create their own product. If you feel comfortable selling other people’s products and making a commission off it then this thing is yours.

I personally don’t think as if they thoroughly went through the detail about how affiliate marketing really works. But still believe  there’s some decent training to be found there.

Some of the few things they covered in this training:

  1. (Email marketing)- list building
  2. Squeeze pages- for capturing emails
  3. How to manage your email list
  4. How to Drive targeted traffic to your website

This is very important for any online business. And my personal recommendation to you as new online business starter to focus  on content creation and getting traffic to your website first and monetize later.

I don’t understand why some think you need to build an email list first. You shouldn’t even be thinking about this until you at least have the foundation of your business in place, and you are getting a decent amount of traffic to find people to signup for such list.

I can recommend you an opportunity with better free training and tools, better support and community, free websites and hosting and many more…

Click here and start for FREE!

What kind of tools they provide you with?

I actually couldn’t see any significant tools unless I was blind. The only tool of any value they is the website builder. But even this doesn’t come with your membership, this has a mark of an extra $297 a year. And on top of all this You’ll also need to buy your domains and whatever else necessary needed to get you started.

A little about Website Builder

I don’t deny this thing is an awesome tool that enables you to create sales pages, squeeze pages, and opt-in forms. You can also create as many websites as you want and hosting is included in this package.

Another thing I love about this was the way it is set up. At ease you can accomplish the would be complicated tasks with just point, click, drag and drop features.

The support part at CBU? Do you get help when you need it?

The support at CBU is not my ideal,  and I’m sure they could do some more, here is some of the few support you can get there…

  1. From the Community like most programs-  this is a forum where you can ask questions, get answers and network with other successful entrepreneurs within the CB systems.
  2. A support ticket. here You can send their support team an email whenever you have questions that you couldn’t find an answer to in the forums.
  3. Through a chat with Justin and Adam at certain times of the day

Don’t be surprised to see many questions that hasn’t been answered for days. Most of the time, the members of the community will answer your questions, but the staff is active in the forums at certain times. Obviously not enough time to answer all questions.

What is the Price to start?

CBU has a few price points that you need to know about before you decide if this opportunity is for you or not. here is some price points…

  • Basic membership- $47 a month
  • Premier membership- $797- With this catch price you are able to unlocks all the training and be able can work at your own pace this time.

Any Surprise upsells?

I give them the thumbs up, I only saw a couple of upsells within this program which is shocking compared to the other programs I know. here are the 2 upsells…


1. Clickbank’s own website builder

I already mentioned this above but basically you can build as many websites as you want along with free hosting for $297 a year. You can also create membership sites, product and sales pages as well as affiliate product pages.

 2. The Advanced Master Class- And Another $97 one time fee

This is an advanced training course that teaches you more about email marketing, list creation, and list management and even popup exit box.

(What is a pop up exit box?)

Those are the annoying pop-ups that come up when you try to exit the page? How much did you like the experience?

Lets see how much are we up to till now!

$47 a month x 12 months = $564 + upsells  $297 + $97 = $958

It looks as if Your cost to do business for the year has almost doubled by adding these tools,  and without them you can’t do the job perfect. It’s like ( damn if you do and damn if you don’t).

Another thing to keep in mind is you got all this money tied up in a website builder that’s more than likely tied to Clickbank. My hint here if I’m right is that this site builder is a third party clickbank affiliate product that is enabling everybody around to rake residual commission on your back and hard earned money while I do believe it should be given free with your membership without these fabricated upsells.

One more important thing I’d like to mention and that is,  If you ever decide to exit,  you’d have to transfer your website to another hosting company. I would also find out if you can migrate your website with you when leaving.


May be you want to consider other opportunities with better value in quality, quantity and value and save yourself a fistful of dollars.

Check my #1 Recommended online opportunity below and decide what’s good for you.

 My Final Thoughts

There are good and bad things about all programs. If you are looking for training on how to create your own digital product and sell it on the CB systems I would highly recommend Clickbank university

You can also learn how to get other people to sell your product for you and make even more money. Having your own product also comes with lots of ups and downs. I know that most people prefer to sell other peoples products as an affiliate marketers.

That’s exactly what I do and I make a full-time living off it. If this sounds interesting then keep reading cause you’re going to fall in love with this.

To be honest with you, I think CBU is a great program if you want to create your own product. But not everyone wants to do that and I can understand why.

Why would you want to pay more money and get less?

With Wealthy Affiliate you get:

  1. Many free tools and free training
  2. 10 FREE starter lessons with instant access to hundreds of training modules
  3. A dedicated community of internet marketing experts to answer your questions
  4. $359 YEARLY membership Instead of $958
  5. More high-quality training and tools
  6. No such as locked training modules, this is a sales pitch to me, Move along at your own pace.
  7. 24/7 live chat. Get your questions answered instantly
  8. Personal one on one help and support directly from me- Sam Ammouri
  9. A 59% discount on your first month (Normally $47 comes out to only $19) as my discount bonus when you upgrade to a premium membership within the first week of joining. or you can just keep your free membership with the 2 free websites offered under your total control.

In here, you’ll also get training on how to be an affiliate of ANY product, not just ClickBank products.

I hope this review has helped you with the decision as to whether this program is going to be a good fit for you or not. Are you a previous member of CBU or have you been thinking of joining?sam ammouri

If this review  has helped you from making a potentially bad decision? Why not share it with everyone so you can help others you care about. 

Your Friend

Sam Ammouri


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