The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review- Is It Scam? Legit?

The Coffee Shop Millionaire- Scam or Legit?

Product Name:  Coffee Shop Millionairecoffe shop millionaire program scam or lrgit
Product Website: 
Product Price:
$37 Monthly payment
Product Owners:
Anthony Trister
Overall Rank:
62 points of 100

What is The Coffee Shop Millionaire?

This is a program designed to teach you the basics of internet marketing using a number of deferent training tools. The program promises to place you on the road of riches while you can simply sit at a coffee shop sipping your favorite coffee flavor and watching the pay checks roll in.

The coffee shop millionaire  was created by Anthony Trister, who is known to be a very good salesmen But I believe this time the good salesman it trying hardly to sell a rotten tomato for a good apple.

Whom this program is suitable For?

Coffee Shop Millionaire claims this program to be suitable for everyone at any level. Each training lesson can be reviewed as often as needed so that the lessons are better comprehended.

Since the support at the coffee shop millionaire is not as striking as it should be in my opinion and the lack of an active community, so if you are a member there and looking for support and people to network with, then you are going to likely be very frustrated.

The training there assumes that you have some Internet marketing knowledge, so if you happen to know nothing about this, this product may not be perfect for you.

See my recommendation on where to start from ground zero for free.

The Tools and Training At The Coffee shop millionaire

For getting started, there are twelve training tools that cover all of the information that you need and there are videos that cover additional information and the site’s communication forums and community which allows you to ask some certain shop millionaire review

Now be ready for the so called “cheat sheet” that outlines a system where you can make $21K in just 2 weeks without a product of your own or even a list. I’m myself an online marketer and know very well that this is not possible at your very start.

There is also another separate  training made to “Cash Machines” which covers topics such as email, video marketing and article submission. These are all valid marketing techniques, But I don’t think they provide you with enough training to sustain a successful marketing campaigns.

The Support At Coffee shop

Coffee shop millionaire has a standard customer support options such as (phone/email) and claims to feature a robust and active community that is supportive and very helpful.

But even though I’m not an insider or been a coffee shop member before, I managed to get some member complaints in some forums about many of their  questions go unanswered within the community and you will be a lucky man if you ever receive a response within their email support. Some of their social media accounts such as Facebook are painted with unanswered complaints, and if this means anything that thing is the support their is rotting.

What is the price at CSM? any Upsells?

The joining pricing is $37 a month for membership to the Coffee Shop Millionaire training and support, but immediately you are asked to upgrade to another product called the “Six Figure Success Club” for another $297. Don’t know if this price still the same.

It’s very obvious Coffee Shop Millionaire uses their low ticket price tactics to lure you in then then to the slaughter house once you in, and Your $37 per month investment quickly becomes $334 and you’re still not fully in the membership area yet.join coffee shop millionaire

Okay, I can absorb this round, but is that it?

All what you paid up to now does not include the cost of

  • Your website creation
  • domain acquisition
  • And website hosting

You also are required to buy hosting right away which is going to cost you another $100 if not more depending on your type of hosting. By now you’ve earned yourself a price ticket of $434 before even starting yet.

My Advice is… If you are not a fan of the “slimy” upsell tactics, then  CSM is definitely not going to be for you as they institute many upsells immediately after joining.

See my favorite opportunity and where you can have 2 free websites and all your entry level training for free.

 Coffee Shop Millionaire- My Final Thoughts

It does not seem making money with this program is as easy as stated, neither do I feel comfortable with any program that lure you in for a very small price and once in you are taken to a merciless upsell slaughterhouse.

Many have stated that the only way you may make money with this system is by building an email database and promoting your affiliate links through these emails.

The program training shows you a few tricks on how to build your email list, but once again you will have to spend months of working endless hours to be able to make a small income. And the minute you see your first payment you are strongly encouraged to purchase your own website from their domain company, so all this hard work is back to the coffee shop millionaire.

My advice is to stay away from this program, there are so many trustworthy products out there. This is not a very bad program if you accept their ruthless marketing techniques and poor support.

Pros & Cons


  • low cost per month only$37
  • Coffee shop millionaire reveals the true amount of work needed to succeed with an online business


  • Most online reviews online come from the program affiliates
  • Many untold hidden expenses awaiting you once you initially join
  • Your earning potential is too inflated… Misleading information
  • Support to members is very poor
  • Too many buyers complaints online
  • Some training tools are outdated
  • They are doing a grate jobs at their upsells and in emptying your wallet.

Let’s Recap Coffee Shop Millionaire

Product Name:  Coffee Shop Millionaire
Product Website: 
Product Price:
$37 Monthly payment
Product Owners:
Anthony Trister
Overall Rank:
62 points of 100

My Verdict: Not a Scam But I don’t recommend it

Again, There is no way I can recommend Coffee Shop Millionaire by Anthony Trister.  It’s not worth your time, it’s not worth your money and it’s not going to get you any closer to making money in internet marketing than you are right now. It’s nothing you couldn’t find for free.sam ammouri

Do you have more information yourself that you would like to add about the Coffee Shop Millionaire program?  If so, I would love to hear your personal experience with this program and help me help others making the right decision before they loose their hard earned money.

If you need any further help please leave me your questions below and please share and help others if you found this information of grate value.


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