Wealthy Affiliate vs Empower Network – Who Is The Boss?

Empower Network VS Wealthy Affiliate- Who Is The Boss?


 empower network vs wealthy affiliate
 Empower Network and Wealthy Affiliate along with questions to why I see WA as a better fit for New internet marketers and experienced alike –I hope this comparison will clear up many facts and questions about the two rivals and in the process help you to make a better final decision.

General Information:

Empower Network:

Name:  Empower Network
$25/monthly basic,

$100/monthly inner circle,

$19 fees to gat paid- What a joke!

$500 Costa Rica Intensive,

$1,000 15K Formula,

$3,500 Master’s Retreat
David Wood & David Sharpe

owner empower network

David Wood

Overall Rank: 40 out of 100 points

Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Price: $0 Starter Membership Free
Owners: Kyle & Carson

Kyle & Carson Of WA

Kyle & Carson Of WA

Overall Rank: 98 out of 100
Who it’s for: Almost anyone seeking an online venture

Rights of content:

At Empower Network – You do not own the content of your blog and you will lose the rights and the power to access it if you stop paying the monthly dues.

At Wealthy Affiliate – You own the content and have full control for the lifetime of your website

Website Ranking:

At EN – Each website has the same content base and design,  this can be seen as duplicate by the major search engines.

At WA – websites are Optimized for search engines. Works well within any niche because there is no default advertising on the templates. Search engines see Blogs with own domains and they rank well.

Choice of templates:

At EN –  you’ll get the exact same blog that everyone else gets , and that is aTemplate based website that promotes Empower Network

At WA – You can choose from over 2000 free templates free of any advertising. You can use them in any way, shape or form.

Domain Rankings:

At EN – The EmpowerNetwork.com main domain had lost ranking power with Google, making it hard for the rest of the pack to get a good ranking

At WA – You’ll rank as you deserve, the smarter you do the better the ranking.

The Membership fees:


  •  Basic Membership – $25 a month
  • Affiliate FeeS – $19.95 a month.
  • Costa Rica Intensive – $500 one time fee 
  • Inner Circle Membership – $100 a month 
  • The 15k Formula – $1,000 one time fee 
  • Masters Retreat – $3,500 one time fee 

WA :

  • Basic Membership – FREE 
  • Premium Membership – $47 a month 
Affiliate programs :

At EN – You pay $19.95  a month to be able to sell any of the Empower Network products.

At WA – The affiliate program is free to join and commissions will be paid the way you desire.

The type of each program:

EN – At EN the program is MLM based – You need to build a solid down line to be able to generate any income.

 WA – The WA program is an Affiliate based  program, With such programs you Do not need to build a down line stream, instead, You receive commissions for every sale you generate, such a program makes it very convenient for newbie’s with no marketing experience to come along.

Spamming policies:

At EN – Any form of promotion is permitted to get leads or to make a sale, they went too far with this and earned the worst reputations. and got banned from numerous social media platforms and deprivation of search engine rankings.

At WA – Wealthy Affiliate has a very strict rules against spamming members and it is not tolerated at all.

The Support:

EN –  The Support from Empower Network earned the lowest grades I’ve ever seen.

At WA – This place is known to have the best help & support of any program online. you’ll be getting it from members and owners alike and it is a 24/7 process under all platforms.

Owner Contact:

 At EN – There is No way to contact or interact with the owners Dave and Dave… Too busy having fun at the Costarican beaches.

At WA – You can interact with the owners Kyle and Carson directly with private  messages and under all available chat and comment platforms available.

The Tools :

EN – Empower Network have limited general purpose tools except for the blogging side. You will need to join a group that provides you with the tools – The so called prosperity team has the best if I read it right on one review.

WA – Wealthy Affiliate has endless tools to almost anything you need for online marketing. Here is some to mention. 

  • Website builder
  • Websites and Hosting
  • WordPress express platform
  • Rapid writer
  • Link tracking
  • Keyword search tool free and with fees
  • Monthly Keyword list- the winners only
  • Live chat
  • Private messaging
  • Forum
  • Discussion board
  • A customizable profile page that allows you to write daily blogs and add your own training.
  • Customizable affiliate links
  • And so many more
The Training :

I will only compare Empower Networks training to the level that will be required to make success meaning it includes the basic and inner circle training – to receive this training you will have to pay the monthly fee and my comparison is based on that fact.

Products like the Costa Rica and 15K formula are additional up sells and most newbie’s does not have the finances to purchase it immediately, therefore it will be useless to compare it to Wealthy Affiliate – Remember I am only comparing affordability versus effective training with monthly payments that are required from the two platforms. 
Empower Network training:

Basic Membership – Include some basic training on how to build your blog – No technical training. 
Inner Circle – Hours of audio clips that are more based on mind training than technical and hands on education. Some topics include: 

  • How to multiply your commissions, and Create Resources from Thin air
  • Profiting from large events
  • How to get rich quick, fast and easy
  • Speak the world into existence
  • Leveraging the power of a contest
  • How to create magical income
  • Higher level marketing how you can join us in Costa Rica
  • Tomato sandwiches, getting rich and being a bad ass

Obviously, there are lots more but all based on the same tactics without direct methods of implication. 
The training works wonderfully to get you focused on the task at hand and if you already have mastered the technical side of an online business, this will add value. 

Wealthy Affiliate training

Classrooms include:

  • Getting started
  • WA affiliate program
  • Keyword, niche and market research
  • Everything WordPress
  • Authoring and writing content
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay per click marketing
  • Social engagement and marketing
  • Website development and programming
  • Local marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Email marketing
  • The wealthy affiliate platform

Certification courses include:

  • Getting started – level 1
  • Ultimate traffic training – level 2
  • Making money – level 3
  • Mastering social engagement – level 4

Additional training: 

  • Affiliate boot camp training – Phase 1 – 5
  • Affiliate classroom
  • Live video classes – step by step training
  • Live webinar classes every Friday
Training Search bar for any training you may want now.

search box at wealthy affilate

Training is easy to access and grouped together. You also have a search bar that allows you to browse for specific topics. 

What is in my thought for WA And Empower Network… ?

Empower Network…
 Like most programs, Empower Network have some awesome people within some groups but it is hard to find the right group that will be small enough to give you constant support, yet effective enough to provide quality tools and insights. hopping from one group to another is not effective and very costly.

Wealthy Affiliate:

 In here you’ll find one active community and people will help one another whether you had joined under them or not. With WA it is also easier to get answers to questions instantly without having to wait for a reply.

They have a brilliant email system that you can customize to receive tons of information going 24/7 providing you with all new trainings made by the management or members alike and many more vital information stream all free.

yahoo mail from wa

I do believe in trying before applying with no cost for any marketing system. With Empower Network, it was not possible for free trials are not on the table.

You may have to step on your ethics to market their products too…

To be successful in marketing EN products You first  have to get them into believing that they will have a blog and training for only $25, after that again you need to get them to purchase the Inner Circle as well because obviously you will then have better commissions, this saga  goes on and on and the same tactic must be repeated with each recruit. 

 Yes, I can easily join En, I do have enough expertise in marketing anything, but sorry guys, This type of marketing would make me feel as if I’m about to loose my ethics. I’m here to help you guys … I’m by no means a blood sucking vampire neither related to Dracula or any of his movies.

People struggle  and I had my own endless share of uncertainties with it’s vicious ups and downs.

Wealthy Affiliate provides more than Empower in my opinion and I don’t need to pressure people into purchasing, you can  join the free membership and decide for yourself who’s… The Good…the Bad and the Ugly

See The Empower Network Full Review Here

See the Wealthy Affiliate Full Review Here

See This comparison Chart based on public data About the 2 systems.

Hope this was of a grate help to you and please share with those you care for. And write me below for any further assistance, give me the chance to answer your questions and help you to get rolling.

Your Friend

Sam Ammouri

Me at the New Jersey Shore

Me at the New Jersey Shore

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