What About Success With Anthony- Legit-Scam?

Is Success With Anthony program Legit – Scam?

Product Name:  Success With Anthony

Website:  www.successwithanthony.com

Price: $5, $147, $1,000 and on and on….. No clear endsuccess with Anthony scam

Owners: Morrison brothers

Support: Very Limited

Quality of his program: Weak

Overall Rank: 37 of 100 points.

My personal Verdict: SCAM!

What Is Success With Anthony?

Success with Anthony is a coaching program that claims to possibly make you thousands of dollars in a very short period of time using a state of the art software that can drive thousands of targeted paid traffic that will cost you about one cent per visitor using pay per view marketing within a matter of minutes.

Sadly most people will not know which is which until they have already invested their money into the program which is presented to you with your “typical” sales video.  This is the first red flag of many that I will be discussing in this website.

There are also a few claims that are just completely false and those has to be addressed as well.

The success with Anthony claims that Once you get familiarized with the training videos, you can be on your way to set up your first campaign. This library of tools consists of workbooks, videos, quizzes. Done for you campaigns and personal coaching are some of the upsells with endless prices.

The Fast Traffic Sniper?

This software by Success with Anthony is supposed to be the magic that drives fast targeted traffic to any affiliate program of your choice. All you have do is type in a keyword and the smart software will snatch all the top related domain names from Alexa and Quant cast from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube with a click of a mouse.

The fast traffic sniper also will gathers information for misspelled keywords which gives you a big advantage.

The fast traffic sniper comes with step by step video training and a workbook to help you along the way. It covers advanced strategies and secret tips on eight weeks of free webinars. The program also includes a built in Return On Investment calculator.

Success With Anthony Clickbank Account Terminated in 2012

Yes, you read it right. Success with Anthony was removed from Clickbank back in May of 2012. There are several reasons this can happen and none of them are good. Here is some of such reasons the might have lead to this decision…

  1. Very high refund rate
  2. High chargeback rate
  3. Constant stream of complaints to their support
  4. Too many false claims that violated Clickbank policies

If you are just a little familiar with Clickbank, then you’ll know that there are a lot of low quality products on their possession,  getting banned there truly require the lowest grade product possible.  It is very clear that Success With Anthony had fallen into this category.

What’s Included in His Package?

The program claims to be easy to follow and understand for everyone and there is a lot of training material included but I believe that much of that information is not a beginner level.

If we examine module 3 you’ll notice that it focuses on making profits with SEO marketing in some very obscure ways, not an easy concept for anyone to understand, let alone for a newbie.

The training here comes in the form of three modules. Those modules are broken down into PDFs and videos. Weekly trainings are used to round out the program. The three modules are:

  1.  Email marketing profits.  Features an over 200 page eBook plus 14 videos.
  2.  Social Media Marketing Profits:  Comes broken down into four parts for each of the major social media types, (Facebook, Twitter, Google + and YouTube) Again, this module comes in four eBooks and videos.
  3. : SEO profits.

Additional training and programs are included. Some of these “additional” offers are only available through their other affiliates.

What kind of help are you going to get from Anthony Morrison Team?

There is no mention of a community or forum of support among peers and all help, questions and concerns are referred to a standard support desk setup and within the product you are not going to be able to connect with Anthony himself.

Success with Anthony is one of those programs where you buy and you are left to “figure it out on your own”.  If you’re good enough to able to learn in this type of an environment and prefer mediocre content than meaningful and useful ones, then this product perfect  for you, but otherwise there are much better options out there. See my #1 recommended opportunity

The Price – $Unknown… $7…$97…$147…$1,000’s… To the last penny in your bank account!

At the end of 2012 and as I was looking for opportunities to replace my 2 gift shops taken away from me by hurricane sandy, Anthony was the first one I started with but thank God I only lost $37 because I immediately realized I was heading towards the ripoff of my life.

Here is some of what to expect when you brush Success with Anthony site.

Don’t be easily fooled.The first price that you see from Anthony will probably not be the price that you are going to eventually just pay. Once you are at the order page the more that you try to click away, the more he will lower the price to make you stay.

At one point, the price went from $19 to $7 but “only for you” and “only for a limited time”. While trying to click away, they’ll be an offer to give you and that is $48 right out of Anthony’s pocket. You will later learn about the guarantee which will give you your money back at the end of a full year plus $100 if haven’t capitulated yet.

I don’t know what to think of this, “buying” is just starting there.  If you invest in the initial product, you can expect that thing of a (One Time Offer) of $147,  then a form appear requiring your address, phone number and email and it asks you why you want to be on Anthony’s team.  If you don’t know what this means, then give me a moment to explain that to you…

When someone like Anthony and his program asks for your phone number, it means one thing.  They are going to force more offers on you you and try to get more money from you.  Anthony Morrison is a very well known personality in selling your personal information to “mentoring” companies who then phone you and try to offer you bogus coaching that can mount to even 10’s of thousands.

So this product starts with a low ticket offer…and ends up with you giving up your personal details in efforts to get you to spend $1,000’s. A pure Scam.

Pros & Cons:


  • The product itself is mediocre at best.
  • The website is well laid out and easy to navigate.
  • The quick start guide is very detailed and gives you a plan to easily implement.


  • The original version of this product was banned from Clickbank because it had a very high refund rate and a number of scam complaints.
  • Very annoying upsells which can add up to thousands of dollars and you’ll need money set aside for testing. He also has his partners pitching their own products.
  • Unethical tactics are used in the Success With Anthony product. They claim that you can get “FREE websites”, but you have to spend $300 for a couple months of hosting in order to get them because it makes them more money. You can get five years worth of hosting from a more reputable companies.
  • Very poor support rate and refund is almost impossible.
  • Success with Anthony was being advertised under a different name, Auto Traffic Conspiracy.
  • Misleading information regards not warning you that “Traffic Vance” requires $1000 minimum in advertising costs and Traffic Media requires at least $200.
  • His  pre-recorded videos can’t be fast forwarded or rewound, hard to cater to your needs.
  • The money you’ll be spending on their upsells is a lot faster than the money that comes in.

My Final Words on Success With Anthony

Even though this program has some decent amount of good training still The fact that the pricing is so erratic is just one of the many red flags that force to raise, let alone the false claim that you can have “up to five free websites” when that is just not the case at all, neither did he clear up front that you have to pay for some of the traffic methods.

Dishonesty is something that I don’t take lightly and I am not all that sure you can put much trust in the Success With Anthony program or even Anthony himself.  When you are taken by the ears and thrown out of most affiliate networks because your content is of such low grade….and you are knowingly selling people’s information for money, I would say you are running a vicious scam.

My advice to you…. Avoid this product at all costs and if you decide to dive in don’t say Sam didn’t warn me.

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Let’s Recap Success With Anthony

Product Name:  Success With Anthony

Website:  www.successwithanthony.com

Price: $5, $147, $1,000 and on and on….. No clear endsuccess with Anthony scam

Owners: Morrison brothers

Support: Very Limited

Quality of his program: Weak

Overall Rank: 37 of 100 points.

My personal Verdict: SCAM!


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If you have a story to tell and warn others from this program please write what you know below in the comment box. And if you need any further help regarding this program don’t hesitate to write all your concerns below. please share if you find this helpful.

Thanks as always for your feedback, it greatly helps others out!


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