What Is swagbucks.com – Does This Program Worth Your Efforts?

Does Swagbucks Worth All Your Efforts?

Company Name: Swagbucks.com
Program Website: http://www.swagbucks.com
Program Price: Free
Cpmpany Owners:  Eron Zehavi, Josef Gorowitz, Scott Dudelson, and Ron Leshem.
Overall Rank:  70 out of 100swagbucks program make online money


What is Swagbucks?

This is a reward program that grants users virtual currency which can be converted to real awards. There is many ways to earn such rewards and the favorite one is through the search function.

How does this work?

Every time you type anything in the search bar of your computer, a reward is generated and the value varies from one search to another. Most people are awarded a value that ranges from 1 to 1000. The average amount awarded hovers around the lower end of the spectrum.

The intended program target

Swagbucks is for anyone capable of using a computer and wants to earn online rewards which can be turned into money.

Swagbucks Training

The functions of the Swagbucks program are very clear and easy to follow. The rewards program is well explained through video presentations and text tutorials. There is no need for you to download anything as a home user. And for mobile users you can download an app to your applet or smart phone through your provider.

Any Support At Swagbucks?

The owners of Swagbucks often speak to their members through YouTube videos as well as videos on the website. Members also contact customer service through email if there is an issue.

Swagbuck members also have access to an active community through forums on the homepage as well as other social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter.

What is The Price?

So far so good, it’s still free to join unless something changes in the future.

My Final Thoughts

Swagbucks can be real fun and amusing if it wasn’t for the constant bombardment of their endless adds thrown at you when Playing the games. Earning their rewards is a very slow process unless you are really working your butt off. The redemption is limited to about $25 for each type of gift card.

Random assignment of Swagbucks is supposed to make it more like a sweepstakes, however, don’t hold your breath for any of the really big payouts because it is unlikely to happen.

Something I always admired here is that they never claimed that you’ll be the next millionaire in the next few months. The classical way of scamming the hick out of your wallet and still people keep falling for this bait.sam ammouri

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